The article deals with the problems and possibilities of preservation and representation of objects of the cultural and natural heritage in Russia with application of modern information technologies. The authors carried out an analysis of the representation of specially protected natural territories in the Internet in terms of the technologies used. The result of the analysis showed that at present the methods of presenting national parks, reserves, natural areas with tourist potential do not correspond with the potential of modern IT solutions and have a low degree of attractiveness for the end user.

The article gives the examples of IT solutions that can be used to popularize the historical, cultural and natural heritage, but they are not used in this field. Those IT solutions include WebGL, 3D-panoramic photography, html 5, 3D modeling technologies.

Based on the analysis carried out, the article presents the concept of an integrated information system for the representation of natural heritage, using the example of Shushensky Bor National Park. Besides, it also describes the stages of the system development and the methodology for creating such information systems. The article includes the screenshots of the Shushensky Bor information system, presents the logic of sections and navigation through the system. The final part of the article describes the characteristics of software and equipment that is necessary to obtain high-quality content about a natural heritage site and to ensure the functioning of an integrated system for its representation.

Keywords: three-dimensional graphics, 3D modeling, virtual tour, visualization, natural heritage, representation of natural heritage, national park, nature reserve, information system.