The development of information technologies in the modern world is changing a lot, including methodological approaches to scientific research. They are becoming an important part of interdisciplinary research, which is a synthesis of humanitarian and technical knowledge. The paper discusses tools and administrative instruments used in Digital Humanities for national projects. The authors also consider the projects of building Digital Humanities centers and applying digital tools to research in various humanitarian fields. The authors give the results of an expert survey among the leading Russian specialists in the field of Digital Humanities. The paper discusses the impact of Digital Humanities in humanities and its development prospects using several national projects as case studies. An interesting experience has been accumulated, the results of similar projects of foreign colleagues have been studied, there are many new ideas that require a competent definition of scientific tools and are open for participation. The next stage of development is the establishment of effective communication mechanisms within the new scientific community Digital Humanities.

Keywords: humanities, digital culture, digital era, digital humanities, humanitarian science, digital technology, computer science.